Handheld Apollo 11 AGC/DSKY Emulator

The aim of this project was to emulate the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) and DSKY user interface on a handheld physical device running the machine code from the Apollo lunar missions (tested with Luminary099, the software that ran in the Apollo 11 LM). This involved designing custom PCBs (finished in... [Read More]

LED Christmas Trees

A simple christmas tree ornament using RGB LEDs and an ARM-M0 based microcontroller to fade between colours. Each ornament is made up of two PCBs that slot together, with solder used to join the boards physically and electrically. The boards can be powered with a AAA battery or via micro... [Read More]

Nixie Clock v1.0

I worked on this project from 2014 to 2015 (starting in my final year of school and finishing during my first year at university). The hardware is fairly standard for a nixie tube clock (arduino, DS1307 RTC, nixie tubes with driver ICs, high voltage supply module) but with the addition... [Read More]